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Every two years, the IICRC hold a symposium for all its instructors. It is compulsory for all instructors to attend at least every other symposium. Non-attendance results in an IICRC instructor having to re-apply to the IICRC (a costly exercise) and can result in not being re-approved to deliver IICRC classes.

This year the conference was in Las Vegas and spanned 3 days. It was organised to run at the same time as the ISSE Interclean Show in Las Vegas and as instructors we were encouraged to attend the show by the IICRC.

I had attended the last conference in Vancouver, Washington in 2013, so I was under no pressure to go this year. But with my plans for IICRC development in UK, I was happy to attend again.

As usual with such events, it was a great opportunity to meet my fellow instructors and old friends, and talk “shop”.

The added bonus is that I had never been to Las Vegas before.

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