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One of the few IICRC certifications that I have really wanted for some time but could not acquire in the UK was the IICRC Health and Safety Technician (HST). While I had a UK equivalent training credit that served me in my IICRC instructor requirements, I needed to attend this class to gauge how an experienced HST instructor approached and delivered the subject to cleaning and restoration technicians.

So, on Sunday 19th July 2015, I flew to Toronto, Canada to take this two-day course. The course instructor was Lee Senter who is, at time of writing, the chair of the IICRC Technical Advisory Committee for the development of the HST course in addition to other important roles he fulfils within the IICRC.

I have worked with Lee on IICRC course development for some years (telephone conferences and email) and met him in person briefly at conferences, but this was a great opportunity to get to know him better and I did. Course, notwithstanding, Lee and his French Canadian wife Cynthia, invited me to their home, took me out to dinner, showed me around Toronto and made sure I went home with fond memories of my work visit.

A month or so later, I was notified by IICRC that I passed my Canadian HST exam, which pleased me very much as this training represented a not so insignificant financial commitment.

My thanks to Lee and Cynthia for their wonderful hospitality.

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