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As a member of the RPSA, Ryszard offers two main survey types that are suitable for all types and sizes of homes.

Home Buyer / Condition Survey

A survey report format designed to reflect the condition of a traditional property that is more modern, of standard construction and not too big or complicated.

Includes many features not found in other, similarly priced surveys, such as:

  • Clear, colour coded condition ratings for quick identification of the important issues
  • Multiple photographs and diagrams, helping you understand your new home
  • A jargon-free report that avoids many of the annoying caveats and exclusions often found in home buyer reports
  • A full debrief from the surveyor who will answer any questions you may have

Building Survey

Ideally suited to larger, more complex, older, extended or higher value homes.

  • All the benefits of the Home Buyer/Condition Survey, plus…
  • More comprehensive descriptions of construction and defects
  • Explanations of how to go about rectifying defects
  • Consequences of not carrying out repairs
  • Understanding potential defects that could be present

For quotes and enquiries regarding surveying email:

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