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C2 – Carpet Cleaning Course

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This is a two day carpet cleaning course run by Prochem Europe Limited. The first day of this course is the same “MUST know” information delivered in the C1 one day course. The second day of this course is available to those who decide the one day was not enough and think that more training would benefit them. Students attending the C1 one day course are welcome back on just the second day of this C2 two day class. There is more time for some of the “should know” information a professional carpet cleaning business requires.

Any business engaged in professional carpet cleaning and not having had any training previously, is advised to attend a 2 day course. One day courses might be seen to represent a minimal commitment by a professional business and consequently risks leaving significant gaps in their ability to deliver adequate levels of service.

“If you think training is expensive, try ignorance”

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  1. IICRC CCT – Carpet Cleaning Technician
  2. IICRC UFT – Upholstery & Fabric Restoration Technician
  3. IICRC WRT – Water Restoration Technician
  4. IICRC ASD – Applied Structural Drying
  5. IICRC OCT – Odour Control Technician
  6. IICRC FSRT – Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician
  7. IICRC AMRT – Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
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  10. C1 – Carpet Cleaning
  11. C2 – Carpet Cleaning
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  14. WoolSafe Fibre Care
  15. WoolSafe Carpet Repair
  16. WoolSafe Water Damage Restoration for Carpet Cleaners
  17. NCCA Water Damage Restoration for Carpet Cleaners Course
  18. Mould Remediation
  19. Desiccant Drying Techniques
  20. Practical use of Moisture Meters
  21. Advanced Spot and Stain Removal
  22. Courses in Development